The Inbred Rice Seed Industry become a potent source of better income for the Filipino farmers, more specifically the local farmers of Barangay Maligaya, Muñoz, Nueva Ecija, during the time of Masagana 99 programme of the government. “Better Yield from Certified Rice Seeds”.
Several local farmers of Barangay Maligaya, heed to then call of the Director of Maligaya Rice Research and Training Centre to form a group which will then be the “Partners”of the government in their programme of producing certified rice seeds for distribution and to sustain the government Masagana 99 Rice Production Programme.
NESGA or Nueva Ecija Seed Grower Association was born.
And in 1992 became Nueva Ecija Seed Grower MultiPurpose Cooperative (NESGMPC) pursuant to Republic Act 6938 the Philippine Code of 1990. NESGMPC main function is to serve the inbred certified rice seeds requirement of Nueva Ecija and that of Region 3.

As the membership grew, the government has likewise intensify its rice production programme thereby increasing the needs for certified rice seeds. Though providing much higher price than commercial palay, the price of inbred certified rice seeds is controlled by the government.
The system of recruiting new members has likewise become stringent. Applicant is now required to undergo a week long inbred rice seeds production seminar a must requirement before becoming a member.
On October 04, 2014, 22 years after NESGMPC was established, the leadership has changed.

Mr. Quezon Virgilio S. Quijano from District 1, Quezon Nueva Ecija, then Vice Chairman and with the endorsement of all the Board of Directors become the Chairman.
Mr. Ariel B. Dolores from District 1, Guimba, Nueva Ecija, who served as Secretary & Board of Directors was endorsed as the Vice Chairman. 
Mr. Fidel C. Patricio from District 2, Munoz, Nueva Ecija, neophyte BOD, reluctantly accepted the position of Interim Manager - form and lead the Management Team.

Together with the incumbent 8 Board of Directors from District 1, 2, & 3, NESGMPC newly set of officers has to struggle for the next days, weeks, and months just to survive.

The new set of officers has to do a lot of belt tightening, in view of the remaining bank deposit of Php 156,075.00, and no on-going Procurement Project, hence no collectibles. During this period, Board of Directors has no honorarium and the only member of mgt. staff has to contend with minimal salary. Board of Directors meeting’s snack and food was shouldered by one of the 11 board of directors. 
Fortunately, that same year (2014) a call from the Regional Seed Coordinator of Region 8, Ms. Angelita Macabenta, requesting 10,000 bags of Inbred Certified Rice Seeds for immediate rehabilitation of rice areas heavily damaged by Typhoon Yolanda.
2015 - was considered as the 2nd lease of life to NESGMPC with the “NEW” sets of officers and newly formed Management Team.