Modern Farming Equipment and Practices

Comprehensive Training and Seminars to meet the growing demands.

Providing excellent technical support and expertise to the community


  • Members

    The NESGMCP has a total of 213 members, Residents of Nueva Ecija from District 1, 2, 3 & 4.
  • Accreditation

    One of the only 3 accredited Cooperative in Nueva Ecija by the Department of Agriculture for their rice seeds procurement programs.Providing 50% of Nueva Ecija Rice Seeds requirement and 25% of Region 3.
  • Equipments

    2 unit 100 - 125 cavans capacity of flatbed diesel engine dryer, 3 unit 100 - 125 cavans capacity Multipurpose cemented solar dryer, 2 Transplanting Machine, 16 hp Rice Reaper, Ford Rice Combine Harvester
  • Authenticity

    Every NESGMCP seed Registered or Certified rice seeds are packed in 40 kgs white sack with NESGMPC registered Intellectual Property Office (IPO) Trademark/Logo ensuring the its authenticity.